Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Kickarse Coffee & Life Changing Cake

Brighton has a superb range of cafes and, in my humble opinion, takes clear second place after London.

They have their own excellent Brighton & Hove Independent Cafe Guide (A.J. Evans & L.V.Price - Vespertine Press 2011) and many Brighton brands have made their way to London - Bill's Produce Store and Taylor St. Baristas to name two.

Marwood sets the tone and even the library has a local cafe operation - Temptation - amongst the books.  New places are opening all the time, recession or no, - watch out for the Small Batch Coffee Company in Jubilee Street and The Blackbird Tea Rooms in Ship Street.  Many more blog entries to come from this part of the world and I haven't checked out Hove as yet.

The whole street and shop scene is great.  Chilli lovers should check out Pete's