Client Quotes

“We have used Chris Brown of Turpin Smale on 3 occasions over the last 6 years.  In each case, Chris has proven to be absolutely correct in his assessment of our offering, sometimes frustratingly I have only realised this in hindsight, and he has created a straightforward, workable solution for our particular issues, not only creating a better package for our customers but saving us money to boot.  He is brutally honest and has fantastic examples of best practice to aspire to.  I attended the London cafe tour and was impressed by the thorough approach, visiting one-off boutique cafes and mass market options to experience a full range of what is on offer and what can be possible.”
 "The advantage of using Chris is that you are dealing with a senior person who has a track record"  
"Chris articulated many of the concerns we had and identified what the critical issues were.  He helped the manager with their financial management and we saw an 8% increase in profit virtually overnight.  Chris takes the time to sit down with people who are sometimes quite defensive.  They feel they are not being told what to do; rather, they have had their eyes opened and now they feel great.  This is a huge benefit." 
"Tells you what you need to know, not what you want to hear!  Highly experienced and very discreet - just what a Consultant should be."
 “Over the last five years I have worked with Turpin Smale and specifically Chris Brown on a number of projects from the complete re-design of a café / restaurant through to smaller projects to reignite the enthusiasm of the team with their fantastic café tours of London.  The experience they bring of this sector combined with the depth of knowledge I believe has substantially improved our product and service it what has been tricky economic times.  They are a true asset to have on your team.”   
 "Chris came to see us and helped focus our attention on the key issues. Catering now makes a valuable contribution to the Society's finances." Museum Finance Director
 ‘Chris Brown is a walking encyclopaedia of eateries and trends within the food industry. His London Cafe tours are inspiring and a must when planning a new outlet. His forthright views and determination to get a job right make him worth his weight in gold.’
"We chose Turpin Smale because they fitted with our culture. It is very important for any consultant to achieve a mutual understanding and grasp what we as an organisation were trying to achieve."
 "I have worked on two catering tender projects with Chris Brown and the team at Turpin Smale and have found their services excellent every time.  They provide me with the detail and guidance needed to make the right decision in regards on how to find the perfect fit no matter what venue I am in.  This year we decided we needed some extra guidance in regards to our current contract and brought in Chris Brown to help.  We found this helped us to have better communication and service from our supplier and the advice given has proved invaluable in terms of managing the catering offering and evaluating competitors as well.  In fact, we found this service so helpful that we have decided to opt for another year.  I recommend Chris Brown and Turpin Smale highly to anyone." 
  "We would never have managed this project without him. Chris analysed the options open to us and then helped us through the whole process of inviting companies to tender and the interviewing process. We were left with very clear choices."
 "We initially contacted Chris Brown from Turpin Smale to help improve the service and presentation of our catering operation and to ascertain if the remuneration we were receiving from our concession caterers was competitive.  After an initial site visit and written report, Chris took the management team on a London cafes tour, which proved to be very useful in illustrating latest innovations and benchmarking best practices. Subsequently he assisted with a tender process to select a new caterer who would not only provide the highest standards with a good return, but who would also match our ideals and ethos.  We were expertly guided through the process and Chris' knowledge and experience was crucial in helping us come to the decision that was finally made.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris Brown and Turpin Smale in the future." Stately Home House Manager
"Without the assistance of Chris Brown of Turpin Smale we would never have found our new caterers, let alone successfully negotiate the tender process.  Just over a year later, our café and conference business is generating real income for the museum and we would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone who needs to improve their catering offer and yield or, as in our case, appoint a new catering contractor." Museum Commercial Manager
 "Chris Brown came to us via strong personal recommendation.  For five years he has worked with us successfully on several projects and we are proud of the standards that Chris has helped us to achieve; he tells it like it is and has eyes everywhere.  Nothing escapes his scrutiny, he is passionate about good food and service and he is a vital element to us as we take our operation on to ever higher levels.  We cannot recommend Turpin Smale highly enough to any ambitious organisation.” Club Secretary
"Can recommend our consultant Chris Brown to you. He really is worth every penny."
 “Chris and Turpin Smale have done some great work for our region, helping us realise how far our offer has fallen behind that of our London competitors – and what we can do about it.  The work focused on 5 properties in the region that were particularly struggling to raise their game. Following visits and a report, Chris took each team on his London café tour to show them best practice and more importantly demonstrate it wasn’t financial investment that made the difference – it was more about attitude and reflecting what visitors expected from a café. Chris has since taken our regional Leadership team on the café tour to help get them onboard with our ambitions, and shared his knowledge at our annual regional conference.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris and Turpin Smale for any similar work.”
"Chris Brown has surpassed all expectations with catering expertise second to none.  He is  charismatic, calm and engaging while clear in what lies at the core of great catering experiences.  We look forward to a long and profitable working relationship with Chris and Turpin Smale."
"The work we did from your recommendations in the Coffee shop has paid off. Service speed has vastly improved."  National Trust Property
"Invaluable help, advice and encouragement" Treasure House Stately Home
"Thank you so much Chris, as always a fantastic and inspiring insight into the industry" Stately Home
"Thank you for the recommendation of Turpin Smale. Chris Brown was a fantastic help to me with the café work." Performance Venue, Yorkshire
"This brief letter belies the debt we owe to you for steering us through to the successful appointment of a caterer in the context of our challenging circumstances and demanding patrons.  The outcome turned on the clarity, succinctness and realism of the documentation you guided us towards producing and the focus you provided throughout." UK Judicial Organisation        
"To give you some feedback – Owner's comment after you had gone was that’s the best money we have spent in a long time – which coming from him is a big compliment." Farmshop
"Thanks for your wise input and support" Estate Stately Home
 "Thank you for your diligence and professional support. Much appreciated. I have to pass on my highest regard to your help."  Cathedral
I’m very pleased with the outcome (of a contract review) and thanks for your input with it all which really helped with providing evidence for improvement." UK National Academy
           Chris was 'right on point’ and ‘cut through all the noise'   London Club
"the money I spent with you was hugely worthwhile and greatly helped shape who we are today"  Highly successful cafe operator
"I approached Chris for help at a time when my café business was struggling. I had two sites, sales were healthy but I didn't have focus or a strategy. At the time the fee Chris charged me was a cost I almost couldn't afford but with the benefit of hindsight - I realise now that actually - I couldn't afford not to. The advice was hard hitting, honest and not soft around the edges. It was hugely specific; actual actions that I could take away and put in place which I did. Many of Chris' words were repeated by myself to my colleagues over the years. Following the time spent with Chris and also joining him on his Café Tour hugely shaped my business, very much for the better" Cafe Operator
"A very warm and grateful thanks for all your help, advice, wisdom and expertise in the tender process.  You have done a tremendous job, leading us and getting usb to such a good outcome.  Everyone is delighted with the appointment."  Cathedral