Thursday, 29 September 2016

Workshop Bloom

 Bloom = Coffee, lemons, sugar and water at Workshop Coffee
 BLOOM is a cold coffee drink brewed in collaboration between Workshop Coffee and Square Root Sodas. Made with seasonal roasted coffee, filtered water, Sicilian lemon juice and English beet sugar.

The name refers to the stage in the process when we first bloom the coffee grounds with hot water to degas and kickstart the extraction process, before slackening down with cold water and letting the brew liquor settle before filtering. Helping drastically cut down on the brew time, this isn’t just to be quicker for the sake of speed; the result is something fresh and vibrant tasting without the off-flavours and stale character often present in cold brew coffees, due to their extended brew periods of 18-24 hours.

A serving is a 275ml bottle which lasts for 6 months when stored with care. It should be drunk ice cold and can be served over ice without becoming overly diluted.  There is also scope to use BLOOM as an ingredient in other drinks and cocktails (e.g. with Campari, dry sherry and fresh orange for a crisp, bittersweet drink or try bourbon and chocolate bitters for something round and comforting).